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Entry procedures for non-Japanese citizens and the type of activity they may engage in are stipulated in detail by a law called the Immigration-Control and Refugee-Recognition Act ("Immigration-Control Act"). Even if your stay in Japan proceeds without any problems, both in terms of studies and daily life, if you should neglect or fail to follow the procedures stipulated by the Immigration-Control Act, you may not be able to continue your studies in Japan. Therefore care must be taken to follow the regulations.

Status of residence (27 categories) and length of stay are determined according to the reason for the foreigner's stay in Japan. The activities that a foreigner may engage in are determined according to their status of residence. If a non-Japanese person takes part in activities that are not part of his/her status (i.e. work for money without a permit), he or she may be deported, not allowed to extend their period of stay or not allowed to apply to change their status of residence.

The main statuses of residency as well as permitted activities are outlined in the chart below. For details, please contact the following Immigration Information Centers (consultations are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and other languages).

The procedures that need to be taken to enter Japan as a foreign student are as follows:

i)Gain admission to a higher educational institution.
ii)Acquire a passport
iii)Acquire a visa

Please inquire at an overseas Japanese embassy or consular offices(http://www.mofa.go.jp/about/emb_cons/mofaserv.html) for details regarding visas. Please note that a "temporary visitor" visa is normally needed to enter Japan in order to take an entrance examination.

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